Post-Performance Workshop

Type: Workshop
Art Form: Dance
Grade Level: K-12 (and college)
Scheduling Request

Workshops will introduce some students to basic footwork, poly-rhythms and music of Kathak Indian dance.

Note: Availble online for remote learning

Length: 45 Minutes
Participant Limit: 25
Curriculum Connection: Dance, Music, Theater, Visual Arts, English Language Arts, Foreign Languages, Health & Physical Education, Invention, History/Social Science/Asian-Pacific Studies, Multicultural Studies

Remote Stand Alone Workshop: $200

Workshops: $175 each
Travel Fee: Based upon National Standard Mileage Rate (Business)

Processing fee of $30 added to all contracts

1 ready sound system w/chord to play iPhone
Workshop Space Requirements:
Smooth, clean swept, solid floor surface (the artist dances and spins barefoot)
Workshop length: 45 mins

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Double the mileage below to account for the trip and the return trip