Seeing the Story: Comic Book Art Workshops and Residencies

Type: Residency
Art Form: Visual Arts
Grade Level: 4 - 12
Scheduling Request

Students hone their visual communication and storytelling skills through hand-drawing their own comic book characters or original graphic tale with the guidance of award-winning artist Raúl Gonzalez, also known as children’s book illustrator, Raúl III. An inspiring teacher, Raúl has taught at both the Museum of Fine Arts and the Institute for Contemporary Arts in Boston. Graphic novels, anime, and comic book art are ideal genres for learning to express personal stories and work through challenges in a visual, tactile, and imaginative way. Students will practice finding their story, expressing ideas through line, shape and color, and creating narrative through visual sequencing. They will leave with a completed hard copy of their own graphic creation. For one time workshops, students will create their own comic book characters. Multi-session residencies will have students creating their own comic strips.

Length: 45 Minutes
Participant Limit: 30
Curriculum Connection: Drawing, Design, Character Building, Career as an Artist, Mexican Culture, Comic Books/Graphic Novels

$525 for 3 workshops/day

Travel Fee: based upon mileage

School must schedule at least three workshops in a single day. For all residencies, a one-time planning session fee will apply.

Note: pricing may vary for weekends/out-of-school time

Processing Fee of $30 added to all contracts

Paper and drawing utensils

1 artist (double mileage below to account for initial and return trip)