Clay Finger Puppets Workshop Visual Arts


Clay Finger Puppets Workshop

Artist: Pam Golden
Type: Workshop|Residency
Art Form: Visual Arts
Grade Level: K-12
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Demonstrating the expressive nature of clay, Pam Golden leads students in the creation of dynamic finger puppet sculptures that encourage and facilitate individual storytelling. Students will be guided to create visual textures, facial expressions, and designs on the clay’s surface.These clay puppet sculptures may have interdisciplinary connections to stories from cultures around the world, including Native American, Asian, South American, Mexican, Indian, Egyptian and more.

For a one-visit workshop, the students will use an air dry clay and press beads, feathers and shells into the sculptures as decorations. For a two-visit workshop, the finished clay puppet sculptures will be fired in Pam’s kiln. She will return with the fired pieces, and the students will paint and decorate the sculptures.

Program available in person.

Length: 60 Minutes
Audience Limit: 25
Curriculum Connection: Sculpture, Ceramics, World Cultures

Minimum of 2 workshops per day

2 Workshops: $500
Additional or Post Performance Workshops: $200
Residency Workshops: $150-$350
What is a residency?
Travel: $75 per day
Pricing may vary for weekends/out-of-school time
Processing Fee of $30 added to all contracts

Materials Fee: $3 per student

Kiln Firing Fee: $80



Planning fee based upon scope of residency.

Minimum of 2 workshops per day



  • A teacher in the room to support artist and address student needs.
  • For fired ceramics, at least two sessions needed for each group; one for sculpting and one for painting and glazing. Pam fires student work in her studio kiln and then delivers the finished pieces to the school (additional travel fee).

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