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A Storm Too Soon: A True Story of Survival and A Remarkable Rescue

Type: Performance|Remote
Art Form: Storytelling & ELA|History, Math, Science
Grade Level: 3 - 12
Scheduling Request

Seventy-foot waves batter a tattered life raft 250 miles out to sea in one of the world’s most dangerous places, the Gulf Stream. Hanging onto the raft are three men, a Canadian, a Brit, and their captain, JP DeLutz, a dual citizen of America and France. The waves repeatedly toss the men out of their tiny vessel, and JP, with 9 broken ribs, is hypothermic and on the verge of death. The captain, however, is a tough-minded character who survived a difficult boyhood. He now must rely on those same inner resources to outlast the storm. Meanwhile, four coast guardsmen battling hurricane force winds, head toward the crew in their Jayhawk helicopter, wondering if they themselves can survive their own rescue mission. Tougias tells the story of his book—published in versions for adults and middle readers—with the backdrop of dramatic photography. After telling the story, he engages students in a discussion of his research and writing process for the book and offers tips for their own projects.

Program available in person, or live online.

Length: 45-55 Minutes
Audience Limit: 300
Curriculum Connection: Storytelling, Writing Process, Publication, English Language Arts, Science

For scheduling in person, venue must schedule a minimum of 2 performances/day


Single Performance: $500
Additional Performances: $400
Travel: $75 per day
Pricing may vary for weekends/out-of-school time
Processing Fee of $30 added to all contracts

Remote (Live Online): 

School sets up link for remote meeting and makes the artist a co-host. Screen share must be enabled. Artist may need to sign on 20-30 minutes prior to the meeting to check sound levels. A representative from the school must be on the call to facilitate Q+A and mute students as needed. Please introduce the performer as an Arts for Learning Massachusetts artist.



Minimum of 2/day for in person performances. 


  • 1 reserved parking space
  • Water for 1 person

Performance Space:

  • Multimedia projector for Michael to hook his computer (PC) up to
  • Projection screen
  • Large table to display artifacts and books
  • Electrical outlet
  • Extension cord
  • Microphone if over 75 students (if possible).
  • Performance space must be spacious enough for the above items to fit at the front of the room with space for artist to walk around during presentation.

Arrival time before first performance: 30 minutes

Strike time: 30 minutes

Time needed between performances: 5 minutes.

Teachers are asked to model appropriate audience behavior for students.

Please introduce the performer as an Arts for Learning Massachusetts artist.

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