How To Schedule

Program Selection

You can find detailed information about all of our program offerings using the “Programs” tab above. Would you like some help deciding? YAMA’s staff is prepared to assist you with the selection of the most appropriate artists and programs to meet your specific learning goals. Contact Rachel Flood Page at or 617-629-9262 ex. 306. Also be sure to sign up for bi-weekly SmARTalk e-newsletter for scheduling suggestions, information on special events and more. Start your planning process early as YAMA programs are subject to each artist’s availability. Submit a Scheduling Request at any time using the “Scheduling Request” button.

Scheduling Request


Once you have made your selections, please prepare the following information:

  • Contact Information
  • School/Institution
  • Artist/Ensemble
  • Program
  • Number of performances or workshops
  • Number of students in each audience or workshop (please consult audience and participant limits on artist pages)
  • Grade levels of students in each audience or workshop group
  • Venue for each performance/workshop

Tips for Date and Time Selection

  • Choose a preferred date and, if possible, as many back-up dates as you can
  • Make sure the dates you’ve selected don’t conflict with vacation days, testing days, field trips or early release days
  • Check with teachers about their curriculum focus during your chosen date range
  • Performers typically need 5–15 minutes to re-set between performances, but avoid scheduling performances several hours apart. In some such cases a "sitting fee" may be charged to compensate artists for lost time. 

Use the “Scheduling Request” button when you are ready. You will find this button on each program page with that page’s artist and program options pre-filled. If you have questions, or have some information but not all and want to begin the process, you can. The Scheduling Request form has no required fields and includes space to submit questions and comments.

Travel and Cartage Fees

You will find detailed pricing information on each program page. For some artists, travel fees are calculated by mileage rather than as a flat fee. You can calculate mileage fees for these artists using National Standard Mileage Rate (Business). Use the Google Map embedded on the program page to determine the mileage the artist will travel to and from your site.

If you schedule a performance at more than one venue on the same day, a $50 "cartage fee" will be assessed to compensate artists for multiple set-ups. 


Requests will be filled in the order they are received and scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Your request will be sent to our Program Coordinator who will be in touch by email or phone to discuss logistics, customizable elements and requested curriculum ties, make any necessary modifications, and once availability and details are confirmed, schedule your program. A Program Agreement and invoice will be sent to you for electronic signature and processing.

In order to confirm and finalize your program, please e-sign the Program Agreement within 14 days of receiving it. Once the agreement is electronically signed by all parties, a pdf will be automatically forwarded to you, and can be used as an invoice. A 50% deposit must also be received within 14 calendar days of the contract date. If YAMA does not receive the signed contract and deposit (or grant letter) within this timeframe, the program may be subject to cancellation. Please note that a $30 processing fee is charged for each contract.

To prepare for your program:

  • Review performance requirements with your custodian or site manager
  • Distribute educational materials to teachers
  • Publicize your programs for your school community using resources from YAMA's website and the Program Coordinator.
  • Let your front office know to expect our artists

Final Payment
Balances are due within one week of the program date. Please make checks payable to "Young Audiences of Massachusetts" and mail to: 

Young Audiences of Massachusetts
89 South Street, Suite 603
Boston, MA 02111

Be sure to reference your Contract # on your check so we know how to credit the payment. You can also pay by direct deposit from a checking account, using the link provided in your invoice. Please do not give payments directly to YAMA artists. 

Cancellations and Rescheduling
YAMA recognizes that a school/organization may need to cancel or reschedule a program. The fee for canceling a performance less than 30 calendar days before the scheduled date is 50% of the total program charge. If a school must reschedule a program less than 15 calendar days prior to the scheduled performance date, a fee of $125 may apply.

Cancellation by YAMA may be necessary should illness, weather, or other unforeseen circumstances prevent an artist from presenting or completing the program. YAMA will notify you immediately and reschedule the program at your convenience, arrange for a substitute if desired, or provide a full refund.

Evaluation and Reporting
Once your program is complete, you will be emailed a link to our brief Program Evaluation Form. Please forward this link to any other teachers, administrators or parents who experienced the program. Please also share photos and stories of delight, discovery, and transformation by emailing our Communications Manager, posting to our Facebook Page our tagging us on Twitter. Your feedback will inform other arts coordinators and be used to develop our programming.


Residency Planning Information

What is a Residency?

YAMA residency programs consist of multiple, progressive, hands-on arts workshop sessions with small groups of students, building toward a culminating project. Residencies provide students with opportunities to actively engage with an art form, and enable classroom teachers to partner with professional teaching artists. Because each workshop group has multiple contacts with an artist, residencies are a great way for students to develop skills over time and feel ownership for the final performance or project. 

  • A typical residency day consists of three to four classes per day, with 15–25 students per workshop
  • Each session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes
  • Residencies typically last a minimum of five days and can extend for as long as several weeks or months
  • Residencies can be tailored to your school’s curricular objectives and/or as a complement to upcoming events

Note: If time or funding does not allow for multiple visits with each small group of students, some artists will provide introductory residencies in which they offer one workshop each for a whole grade or school.

How Do You Plan?

Scheduling should occur at least one month in advance. This will permit sufficient time to arrange a planning meeting between your chosen artist and participating teachers to determine logistics, goals, activities, curricular tie-ins and outcomes. Residencies culminate in a finished project. In planning, it is helpful to provide YAMA with a scheduling grid showing the weekly availability of participating students.