About Our Programs Programs


About Our Programs

Our arts learning programs for PreK–12 grade students include inspiring performances, hands-on workshops, and in-depth artist residency partnerships during the school day, afterschool, vacation week, and summertime. We also offer training for teachers in arts learning strategies.


Performance Programs

World-class artists bring interactive performance programs directly to students in their schools, local libraries, community centers, and more. Featuring an exciting roster of artists and ensembles with engaging theater, dance, storytelling, music, and author visits.

Arts for Learning Massachusetts Performances:

  • Are designed especially for student audiences
  • Introduce an art form and its cultural context, or uses arts to teach specific school curriculum
  • Are interactive and can include a Q & A session at no additional cost
  • Can be adapted for specific learning goals or adaptive needs
  • Range from 30–60 minutes long to accommodate school schedules
  • Engage audiences of up to 300 students
  • Are affordable; ranging in price from $400 – $1,800 for a single performance
  • Can include multiple shows back-to-back, with each additional show discounted at 20%




Post-performance workshops offered by many of our artists give students a chance to go deeper by trying out the art form they have just seen demonstrated in a small, focused group, with the guidance of a teaching artist. Hands-on, stand-alone or series of workshops are also available exploring music, dance, storytelling, theater, and visual arts projects.

Arts for Learning Massachusetts Workshops:

  • Can be scheduled directly after a performance program, or be scheduled for two or more stand-alone workshops on a given day
  • Introduce students to new, inspiring art forms 
  • Can be tailored to include classroom curriculums and learning goals
  • Range from 30-90 minutes long
  • Promote hands-on learning in small groups of up to 25-30 students at a time
  • Are affordable; ranging in price from $200 (post-performance) - $500 (two stand-alone workshops)



Artist Residency Partnerships

Our custom arts learning residency programs are sequential workshops and performance opportunities designed in a student centered project-based curriculum. All programs are created in collaboration with our partners to meet the learning goals of students and vary from 12 weeks to year-long instruction.

Arts for Learning Massachusetts Residencies:

  • Build artistic skills, revealing new talent and affinities.
  • Are tailored to your specific learning goals, focus on creating collaboratively, and include opportunities for self-expression
  • Can culminate in a shareable project or performance to cement and demonstrate learning and gaining a tremendous feeling of accomplishment
  • Are accessible and inclusive for students with disabilities
  • Accommodate a range of 20–40 students per session (varying by program)
  • Range in length from 30–90 minutes to accommodate school schedules
  • Include ongoing program assessment and evaluation strategies
  • Are affordable; ranging in price from $150-300 per session (with materials fees ranging from $0–$20 per student)