Smulowitz Productions

Type: Performance, Workshop
Art Form: Theater
Grade Level: 7 - 12

Smulowitz Productions empowers children to inspire children through experiences of classical and contemporary theater that elicit diologue around challening issues. Based in Newburyport, the company collaborates  with over 100 local actors, directors, designers, writers, choreographers, musicians and stage technicians. Performers range in age from 9–13. 

Upon arrival in Newburyport in 1979, Anna founded the Newburyport Children's Theatre, now known as Theatre in the Open. Over the past 33 years, she has worked with most of the city's local theater and dance companies.

Anna has acted in, directed or produced over 150 shows in Newburyport, and developed three major summer arts programs, each of which is currently active in the community. Anna now collaborates with former students and colleagues in developing and producing new plays at the Actor's Studio of Newburyport and the Firehouse Center for the Arts.

In 1994 Anna was given the Model People award by the Timberland Corporation for her work on the play Terezin, and in 1996, she received the Mayor's award for the Arts for the same show. This award-winning play was recently performed to rave reviews at the Edinburgh film festival and has been invited for a return performance in Germany. Smulowitz Productions brought Terezin: Children of the Holocaust to New York City, off-off-Broadway, in 2012.

Programs Offered

Terezin Project is a historical play performed for by students for students.