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Illstyle & Peace Productions

Type: Performance, Remote
Art Form: Dance, Early Childhood, Exploring Cultures, History, Math, Science
Grade Level: preK - 12

Illstyle & Peace Productions is a multicultural, Philadelphia-based dance company founded in 2000 by Brandon “Peace” Albright. The company creates work rooted in contemporary, West African, old school & new school hip-hop blended with an eclectic mix of dance and performance disciplines including Locking, Popping, Breaking, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop & House Dancing. They have toured critical acclaim nationally and internationally and are committed to delivering positive messages, inspiration & education to all audiences. Illstyle & Peace Productions are the 2013 US Culture Ambassadors picked by the State Department and have toured Russia, Belarus & The Ukraine.

Brandon “Peace” Albright, aka “Peace,” is the Artistic Director of Illstyle & Peace Productions. He is well versed in the various styles of hip-hop dance. Brandon lives, eats and breathes hip-hop as a dancer, choreographer & actor. His style brings a lot of energy to the stage, which presents a cogent voice in theater. He was an original member of the Philadelphia based crew Scanner Boyz. He has danced for major recording artists such as Schooly D, Will Smith, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Boyz II Men and Beach Boys to name a few.

Brandon “Peace” Albright has toured nationally and internationally with Illstyle & Peace Productions and in productions such as Dance Africa, Memphis Ballet, Rome & Jewels and Hip Hop Legends. With Illstyle & Peace Productions, Brandon continues to educate and inspire diverse audiences worldwide.

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