Bamidele Dancers & Drummers, West African Dance cultural arts performance for school assemblies - Arts For Learning Massachusetts


Bamidele Dancers & Drummers

Type: Performance, Workshop, Residency, Remote
Art Form: Dance, Music, Visual Arts, Early Childhood, Exploring Cultures
Grade Level: Pre K - 12

Founded in 1983 by Bamidele Osumarea (1947-1995), the Bamidele Dancers & Drummers are now led by Marilyn M. Sylla. The ensemble includes Sekou Sylla, dancer, acrobat and drummer from Les Ballet Africains, the National Dance Company of the Republic of New Guinea, West Africa; as well as performer and recording artist, Jamemerrell Stanley.

Marilyn and her ensemble have studied and performed in West Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean, and Europe. Marilyn and Sekou have served as adjunct faculty at Mt. Holyoke College, Smith College, the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Greenfield Community College.

The Bamidele Dancers & Drummers performed for Nelson Mandela in Boston in June, 1990. In addition, the group has performed with folk singer Pete Seeger, and has appeared in the film Luxor. It has traveled throughout the United States to universities, various festivals, and cultural events and was selected Best World Beat Group of the year in the Pioneer Valley. Bamidele have released two CDs- “Live” and “United” in addition to an African dance instructional video, “Wofa Baron.” Their CD “Live” contains rhythms from their program and other African and African-rooted music.

Programs Offered

Bamidele Dancers & Drummers perform a West African dance program for Massachusetts schools.