Remote Arts Learning

Remote performances and workshops are now available for many of our artists! Here's what you need to know:

  • Artists adapt their existing programs for the online format.
  • YAMA artists offer LIVE streaming programs or pre-recorded programs followed by live Q & A sessions, through your online learning platform.
  • Programs are 30-45 min. including Q & A with students.

The following YAMA artists offer virtual programs for remote learning online:

Alison O'Leary (author/historian)
Michael Tougias (author/historian)
Norah Dooley (children's author)

Bamidele Dancers and Drummers
 (West African dance & percussion)
DrumatiX (found-instrument percussion/movement/creativity)
IllStyle and Peace Productions (hip hop dance)
Karim Nagi (traditional dance & music from the Arab World)
Kathakas (Indian dance)
Li Liu (traditional Chinese acrobatics)
Mass Movement, Inc. (dance workshops tied to curriculum)
Urbanity Dance (multiple styles)
Veronica Robles (Mexican dance and music)

Andrea and Liz (S.T.E.A.M. story & music program for PreK-1)
Bamidele Dancers and Drummers (West African dance and percussion)
Billy B (natural science song/dance man)
Celtic Bells (Irish immigration to Boston)
Corey DePina (rap/hip hop history and practice)
DrumatiX (found-instrument percussion/movement/creativity)
Ezekiel's Wheels Klezmer Band (Ashkenazi Jewish folk music)
Fourth Wall (instrumental music through movement/Science of Sound)
Gideon Freudmann (Cello Bop and Sound Science)
Grooversity (Afro-Brazilian percussion and movement)
Johnette and Scott (music & dance from New Orleans)
Karim Nagi
(traditional dance & music from the Arab World)
Kirsten Lamb (musical storytelling and songwriting)
Liz Buchanan (literacy-through-music)
Nancy Hair (Talking Cello (storytelling through music for PreK-3)
North Winds (Peter & the Wolf)
Odaiko New England (Japanese Taiko drumming)
Shaw Pong Liu (Chinese & European Classical Music)
Veronica Robles (Mexican dance and music)

Andrea Lovett (storytelling workshops)
Andrea and Liz (S.T.E.A.M. story & music program for PreK-1)
Eth-Noh-Tec (stories from Asia)
Leeny Del Seamonds (stories of kindness from around the world)
Norah Dooley (from inspiration to adaptation)
Valerie Tutson (African folks tales & African American history)

David Zucker (Poetry in Motion)
David Zucker & Richard McElvain (MathsAmazing!)
George Capaccio (meet Albert Einstein)
Historical Perspectives (meet Benjamin Franklin)
Leland Faulkner (shadow puppetry/phsyical theater/storytelling)
Mystic Paper Beasts (movement/mask-based theater with clever homemade props)
Nancy Bell (women's history/fiber arts/U.S. Revolution)
Tanglewood Marionettes (puppet theater)

Behind The Mask (mask-making workshops/residencies)

Andrea & Liz (S.T.E.A.M. story & music program for PreK-1)
David Zucker and Richard McElvain (MathsAmazing! theater program - coming soon!)
Historical Perspectives (meet Benjamin Franklin)
IllStyle & Peace Productions ( hip hop dance - coming soon!)
Johnette and Scott (music & dance from New Orleans)
Karim Nagi(traditional dance & music from the Arab World)
North Winds (Peter & the Wolf)

Watch Remote Arts Learning
Showcase recordings


A musician plays a trombone in an online arts education program


We just had the best Q&A with John [Manning of Historical Perspectives]! We had about 15 kids show up (which is the most I've seen throughout this whole process). They had a great interaction with John. Thank you again for creating an opportunity for our kids to interact with artists and adapting it to an online platform!

Lauren Blumberg, 3rd grade teacher, Seven Hills Charter School, Worcester, MA

Corey DePina did an amazing job with 8th graders at Solomon Schechter Day School yesterday [in his remote program]. I Loved, loved, loved his program! It was a great mix of talking, slides, video and Q & A.

Alison Judd, arts coordinator, Solomon Schecter Day School, Newton, MA

[The Fourth Wall] were AWESOME. Honestly, from start to finish, I was engaged and the kids were engaged. I saw SO many smiling faces and they were dancing with them and laughing. I told them all at the end that this was, by far, the BEST program we have had since this whole virtual learning started.

Jaimie Z, teacher, Solomon Schecter Day School, Newton, MA

YAMA brought the world to our students in a time when they were forced to remain at home - each performance gave the students license to travel beyond our shores, to learn and embrace other peoples and cultures in a time when it is sorely needed. I am so grateful for everything we managed to do!

Mike Evans, Director of Auxiliary Programs, Shady Hill School, Cambridge, MA